Monday, November 20, 2023

Whoville - Dusty Attic Design Team

 Good morning

Today I'm bringing you something a bit different, and something my lovely hubby helped me do. We had a day with lots of paints, Ryobi tools and hot glue gun.

We have turned this very cute 3D house that is new to the Dusty Attic website into a Whoville inspired house. DA3672 MDF House.

We started by doing a dry assembly (no glue used) to make sure that we knew what we were doing and were everything went. We added some little fairy lights to the inside to give the warm inside glow. Once happy we glued the core of the house down. 

While I started the painting process, my very very clever hubby used what would have been the scrap pieces to cut and carve out the snow for along the roof and window edges.

He also adapted the door a little so that it was more Whoville.

We have kept the colours very flat and cartoon like by using chalk based paints.

To add the glittery snow look we have used a Frosting Powder that I found in my stash which was applied by doing a base of pva based glue, applying the frosting powder then heating with a heat tool so that it bubbles and looks like snow.

We have also run some more little fairy lights around the outside edges for a bit more light and festive look.

I will also do a video on or around 1st December once it is set up with all of our other Christmas decorations and put into facebook group.

The MDF House can be found on the Dusty Attic website -

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at this as much as we did putting it together.

And thank you to Michael for all the help with this project - I definitely couldn't have done it without you this month.


Saturday, November 4, 2023

Vagabond Storage Box - Dusty Attic Design Team

 Good morning

Today I've done these storage boxes for you. Yep there is two, but I decided to attach and decorate as one piece. It is a great size to store your Dusty stencils on one side and some Dusty chipboard on the other. Or you could have feminine chipboard on one side and masculine on the other. It is also a great size to have on your desk, it's not too bulky to take up too much space, and it a great way to bring a pop of colour and art to your working area.

I started with the cute file style storage boxes that Jennifer created (these will be available on the website soon) and covered with the Sir Vagabond and Lady Vagabond papers. I decided to do a feminine side and a more masculine side.

I then used Winged Script Stencil (DA3593) with some heavy body gel and gold wax as a really soft texture.

I then added the title "Scrapbooking is cheaper than Therapy" (DA3593). This I painted with a very soft aqua chalk paint.

On the feminine side I used Gears #2 by Nuneka (DA2744). They were inked with a chocolate brown chalk paint and a few of them had some gold wax added to them.

On the masculine side I used a combination of Industrial Cluster #1 (DA3373) and Mini Cogs #3 (DA3364). Again they were painted with chocolate brown chalk paint and then some had some gold wax added to them. 

I really enjoyed doing this project, I hope you've enjoyed having a look at it.

Thank you. 


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